Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My First Auction Experience

How many times have you read through the auction part of your local newspaper or on bulletin boards and thought to yourself..."wow...that would be cool" or you turn to your significant other and said "we should go check that out"? But you forget or you have other things going on or just plain too lazy? If your like me it happens quite frequently!

Usually they are just so far off that I forget about them. This particular auction was posted in the entry at work just a few days before it was to be held AND I walk past it several times a night; if it wasn't for those two things I totally would have blown it off, just like always. Plus   given the fact that I was severely hung over the morning of AND I would have to go is simply amazing I actually went.

I literally got out of bed a half hour before the start of it....and felt like crap! BUT....there was just some way too cool stuff that I couldn't miss! Soooo....I took care of the mutts and chickens (who clearly weren't happy), transferred money to my checking account and out the door I went. Let me tell you, I was nervous as hell! I don't go to these type of things all by my lonesome. Did I mention I felt like crap?

Apparently, this was the place to be Sunday at Noon sharp! If it wasn't for my fairly new interest in "prepping" I would have turned tail and run!! 

However, I put my big girl panties on and checked it out! 

First thing I was interested in was the brand new chicken plucker....they started the bid out higher than the amount of money I was prepared to spend for the whole day. They ended up bringing it down, so I got 1 bid in...but quickly went much higher. It ended up not selling. This is when I woke up....I have this smartphone in my pocket that I rarely put down. Turns out the $150 I was prepared to spend was a bit low...however, the $600 this dude paid for this thing one year ago and used once seriously overpaid! Either way, next up was an anvil that we have been kind of wanting for years. It went for $50, which is probably reasonable....but not for me! I am kind-of a cheap skate...

I spent the next few hours waiting for what I was there for...

Maurice has been looking for one of these grain grinders for quite some time, and if he can find one, it is outrageously expensive and don't offer shipping because of weight. I was instructed to get it, if at all possible! While I was waiting, I happen to stop and talk to a guy I knew....turns out the dude that was with him was also interested in the grinder, Crap! After finding this out I went and stood by it and felt like everybody in the building was going to bid on it! I was freaking myself out! Then I started thinking about all the auction shows I watch on TV and was trying to go figure out how to psych this guy out. By the time it came up, I was shaking like a leaf. Honestly, I am amazed I was even able to raise my hand at that point. I have NEVER  bid on anything in my life. 

SCORE!!! I Won!! It was a lot of money to me, but evidently they are pretty hard to come by. I can't wait to grind up the Red Floriani Flint Corn we are growing for the chickens this year.

 Next up...... A kick ass waffle iron!

Ok, this was literally 4 items away from the grinder I had just won! Wouldn't ya know...three items after the grinder they moved half way across the building. Now this was set to be the very last item up for bid. OMG...

I love pancakes....Maurice hates them...but he will eat a waffle occasionally! If we are at home I use the waffle iron my mother gave me, which can probably be considered an antique also. But when we go camping I like to make pancakes for breakfast...this is about the only time Maurice will reluctantly eat them. 

Several more hours later and after several very expensive items sold, the crowd was dwindling....the waffle iron is finally up! After all of this waiting and getting my very first bid ever out of the nerves have calmed.

Score!! Now I can take our compromise with us!!

Now that I am 2 for 2, I have just one more item that I am super excited about...

That's's a butter churn! 

Another hour's mine!!

All in all, I was there for 6 hours....good thing I didn't really have any plans my day off. I won every bid that I really wanted...I am hooked!! 

Before I won all of these awesome items, my teenage neighbor girl laughed at me and asked if I was Amish! That was just because I have a garden and bake bread..

Now... I can grow my own corn and grain, grind it for feed or flour, cook pretty much anything over a fire AND churn my own butter for bread or waffles. 

I should go ask her if I can borrow her cows for the afternoon so I can plow my garden...hehe!

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  1. mom says she is sorry she turned the beaters off.