Sunday, March 4, 2012

Starting out....

Welcome to my very first blog!

To be honest with y'all....I haven't even read very many blogs, but for some reason I feel an overwhelming need to start blogging about our little life here on the homestead. So, I guess the first place to start is to introduce the characters....

Jen - that's me! 
Maurice - the love of my life and Boyfriend of 19 years.
Deacon and Gimpy - the house cats; there are several random outdoor cats also.
Ned and Daisy - the dogs.
      and our chickens....

Now, that we got that out of the way I suppose you might want to know a little bit about us. 

Eleven years ago we got to the point that we were getting tired of renting. I said to Maurice, either we buy a house or lets move away. My family has lived in this sleepy little town there whole lives and I was ready to be the first to get the hell outta here! Well, we bought an acreage! It was the only place we looked at...but we fell in love! I had one requirement...a big kitchen! Maurice's one requirement....a shop! It had both! As a person who had lived in town my whole life..this was heaven. I can't look in my neighbors window (not without binoculars anyway). We could play music as loud as we wanted, we could walk outside and shoot a gun, there was a huge garden spot, there was a huge yard for our beloved white shepherd, Lord to run. What more could we ask for? 

When we moved out here, we both worked in manufacturing jobs. Maurice left his job and dabbled in construction for a year before he ended up becoming a truck driver. He worked for a couple of companies until just 2 months ago when he purchased his own tractor. I was one of the millions who lost there manufacturing job three years ago. Not all was lost though, I was able to go back to college after 20 years and am now working my dream job.....managing a kitchen. Ironically, (as I realized last year at my 20 year class reunion) it is the same kitchen I was working at when I graduated high school. There will probably be more on this subject in later blogs.

If someone would have asked me twenty years ago where I saw myself in twenty gardening, being a foodie, homesteading, prepping, being concerned about the environment, reading books, and learning how to be self sustaining are definitely not words or phrases that would have ever crossed my mind. Geeze, what a nerd!! The amazing thing about getting older is figuring out that being a nerd is cool! It's fun and exciting to learn new things (if that doesn't sound nerdy, idk what does). 

So, that is the jist of it!

As I said earlier, we are foodies so there will definitely be recipes and pictures as future subjects. Other subjects I have planned are must read books, chickens, my farmers market experiences, pet stories (inevitably), herbs, gardening, prepping, environmental concerns, solar and wind power, and whatever rants I need to get off my chest. I already know my first rant.....bread!! 

Please be patient with me as I get this blog with everything....there is a learning curve, but I will eventually figure it out!!

Thanks for reading and I welcome to read comments, tips and advice!

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  1. I love this post and getting to know a little about you was a pleasure. I found you on the growing Herbs for Beginners Facebook page. I will link to you from my blog so keep writing...someone might be reading!