Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Homemade Dog Food

Do you know what you are feeding your dog?

I found out several years ago, that apparently I feed my dogs like I hate them...I don't remember much about the article I read but it was explaining about what you feed your dogs says about you as a person (basically)...what I got out of it was that I was a horrible person by feeding our dogs the cheapest brand of dog food I could find at the store. I would like to note that I did try to make sure it was at least a Purina brand....but still. The article didn't change anything but was always in the back of mind and still is today when I buy food for the mutts. I still can't bring myself to pay $30 to $50 for a bag of dog food....

This little guy grew up to be this guy........

Here he is at about dog on the face of the planet! And he was fed like I hated him his whole 14 years....

Sorry....if I am writing a blog about dogs I have to include's been several years since he passed away...but I still miss  him every day!! Let's call it a tribute....

Now on to these lucky bastards.....

                                                           Meet Ned (on top) and Daisy...

They get the royal treatment that Lord should have got....I make a good portion of their food!!

Maurice came home with 40 lbs or so of extra turkey breast from one of his a household of two...that is way more than we can eat in any reasonable amount of I looked up a homemade dog food recipe on my favorite recipe

So here is the basic recipe...homemade dog food.

After reading many of the comments (which is why I love concerning nutritional value I adapted and made it my I often do since recipes are just a guideline anyway....right!?

Original recipe: 6 cups of water
                        1 lb ground turkey
                        2 cups brown rice
                        1 tsp dried rosemary
                        1/2 package frozen broccoli, carrots and cauliflower

Place first 4 ingredients in a pan and boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes...add veggies! Cook for 5 more minutes and refrigerate until use.

If you are only giving this to your precious babies once in a while...this is perfectly fine. Buuut, if you would want to feed this to them on a daily basis then there are definitely some nutritional concerns here. Even though, I don't feed this to Ned and Daisy exclusively, I do add nutritional value. Mostly because I have stuff frozen from last years harvest that is beneficial and I most likely won't get around to using it myself. It is also  a great way to get rid of some leftovers in the fridge (that aren't past their prime, obviously).

So the additions I have made to the original guideline recipe.....

Eggs (shells and all for added calcium)
Garlic powder (okay in small doses)
Collard greens 
Really any veggie you have sitting around that you know needs to get used up soon or it will go to waste....any Greens too for that matter!!
Coconut oil (for fresh breath)

If you want a switch out the rice once in a while....

Squash and 
Pumpkin are good alternatives.....

If it weren't for the free turkey breasts we got I may never have tried this out....I do realize it could be quite expensive if buying all of these ingredients....but if you are resourceful you may be able to find many of these things for cheap or even free. When cleaning out your garden next year, freeze what you can't use and make dog food out of it!! Check out your local bargain bins for meat being sold at a reduced price. Just today I picked up a couple of smoked ham hocks for Ned and Daisy as a treat. They love them...

They are dogs people....they aren't fussy! But they do need many of the same nutrients we do!!

Don't feed them like you hate them.....